Larry & Devi Titus

Larry and Devi Titus are the leaders of Kingdom Global Ministries. They are incredible leaders, influencers and mentors to pastors and leaders of the faith. And for a few powerful hours last night, this wonderful couple agreed to share their wisdom and insights with a few close friends and me.

It can be tough keeping up intellectually with really sharp people. The Titus’s are no exception, but they have a well-practiced gift of listening carefully and genuinely engaging in the experience of conversation.

Devi writes and talks extensively about the experiences of the home. She wrote a book titled “The Home Experience”, which challenges women to fulfill the role of creating a loving & nurturing environment within the home. She also wrote “The Table Experience”, a how-to for families that lack the dinner experience. I love the premises for both topics, and I believe the content is truthfully and effectively communicated.

One of the things I leaned from these leaders of leaders is how important focus and purpose are. They are both very intentional, with clear goals and clearer consciences. Granted, they’ve had 47 years of ministry practice to hone their skills, but the me of this moment is challenged by the them of today.

I’m gleaning a lot from Larry and Devi… Probably more than they know. Ryan Hart is a young successful businessman I’ve been privileged to pour into over the last couple of years. He thinks I’m mentoring him, but the truth is that I learn about as much from him as I give to him. It helps that I really like his company. He was with us last night and it meant something different to him.

Ryan and I are working through his personal core purpose and mission. Because of Ryan’s unique ability to conceptualize and create businesses, his mind is constantly looking for business opportunities. He’s already started over a half-dozen businesses with several other concepts in production. Because he sees opportunity around every corner, he is attempting to only look in corners that are within his niche.

Larry and Devi know their purpose. They understand their mission and have a clear vision. So many ministries are hindered by their poor representation online. Not KGM. When I looked up their ministry’s website, it demonstrated excellent design and content. When your guiding principles are in place, your implementation is so much better. There is little wasted energy, no brand wander, and aligned content. Larry and Devi represent the gold standard of Christian ministry, and I greatly appreciate the few hours they shared with us.