She loves me!

Beginning at the tender age of three, my mom used to drag me to nursing homes to sing for people in life’s last stages. In between having my cheeks pinched and receiving copious amounts of praise, I developed an interest in being the church.

I had the unique experience of either helping to plant or be a part of plants for four of the largest churches in the Northwest. I served as an intern at one & took a staff pastor position at another. Then and now, I struggle with a clear picture of the church, especially in how the para-church and church work together.

I’m the founding pastor at Desert Foursquare Church in Palm Desert, California. I’ve also helped begin Rooftop 519 with some of my best friends in the world. The balance between the two “jobs” works perfectly in my mind.

I’ve also worked for Costco, been a roofer, private school administrator and one of my longest careers was as a paperboy. I’m a nonprofit entrepreneur, and I’ve either started or consulted with dozens of nonprofit organizations (they’re all doing swimmingly, thanks for asking). I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in nonprofit administration with a minor in environmental science. I missed graduating cum laude because of one grade in one class… and I am a better person for it.

My blog is about things beautiful, justice, steward theology, missional living and my increasing adventures. I love to travel with a purpose. I really love to help other people live their life’s passions. Please ask me questions & know that I’m willing to share just about everything I have. Really.

You can connect with me via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

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