One Believer’s Response to Crisis

Mondays are my day off. My sabbath. Yesterday, I hopped in my Prius for a drive from my home in La Quinta, CA, to idyllic Idyllwild. A beautiful mountain village near Mt. San Jacinto. At the end of my six-mile hike through beautiful pines and gigantic squirrels (reminiscent of the Princess Bride’s rodents of unusual size), I checked my facebook to see that the Boston Marathon was the target of a terrorist attack.

Several news headlines this morning that there is an all-out effort to find out Why. At the risk of sounding simplistic, this is sin. Evil exists, and it will take every opportunity it can to kill, steal and destroy. It’s our honor, as believers, to bring life in the midst of pain. When crisis strikes, we are peace makers. We bring serenity.

Evil loves to create panic and angst. Evil can inflict trauma on people who are not physically present in crisis. In fact, the most insidious thing that evil can do is to bring down or incapacitate someone who isn’t even what we would consider the target. It’s a different type of collateral damage… the emotional and spiritual wounds inflicted upon those who watch the news. Fear. Anger. Fear. Frustration. Fear. Worry. Fear. Fear. Fear.

Because evil wants me to fear, I won’t. I’d rather be inspired by people like Emil Kapaun who looked evil square in the eye, and with steely resolve, conquered the fear of death. I want to cling to Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. I want to give God the thanks he is due for giving us hope and strength.

God brings us peace in the midst of pain. It’s a gift he offers to all who are a part of his family. We will grieve, and we will recover, but it is less because of the good in people and more because of God in people. I’m sorry Patton Oswalt, we are not good people. We need a savior. We need a hope bigger than our own.

Lord, bring your peace to this broken world. Would your healing come here on earth, as it is in Heaven. Help me to bring peace to those around me. I ask for your righteousness and justice in this situation; be with the families of the wounded, the dead and the hurting. Use me as an ambassador of your love, and give me words of compassion for those wounded. I give you today. 

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