The Long View

I just put an appointment on my Google calendar for March 1, 2023. That’s the furthest I’ve ever planned anything. It is my 10,000 day anniversary. I don’t know why I looked it up, but it sounds like a reason to celebrate (thanks interwebs – your calculators are great!).

The older I get, the longer I see into the future. People in their teens rarely look past tomorrow (except for vacations, birthdays and graduation). People in their twenties usually see the next several years. At 38, I’m wondering what kind of grandparents my kids will be.

In October of this year I celebrated my statistical half life. Events like these help me to think about planning and vision, as well as success and achievement. Although we can never count on tomorrow, we should be able to count the success of tomorrow, should God grace us with one more day.

Some things that excite me about 2013:

  • I have the privilege of being in Portland in a few weeks with some of the most gifted minds in Christian stewardship.
  • February will bring the Justice Conference. There are some truly ground-breaking things happening here.
  • Keep an eye out for Ryan and Selena Frederick’s blog, Fierce Marriage. I’m so grateful to minister with these two people.
  • Desert Foursquare is hosting Nations Films in Palm Desert four a premier of their newest movie.
  • August may find me doing a multi-country tour for Rooftop 519.

To all who allow me to share in life’s adventures, my sincerest thanks for a great 2012. Thank you for everything.


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