As hurricane Sandy continues to ravage homes, my heart is pulled towards wanting to help those struggling through the anguish of their trauma and crisis. 50 dead. Billions in homes, business, roads and more are gone. Many more will die in the coming days, through disease or accidents through rehabilitating the area. The storm is subsiding, but the pain is just setting in.

Last week I received training through Foursquare Chaplaincy International to be a part of their Disaster Response Teams. This morning I received my first call to action:

We are asking those that can deploy to respond to this e-mail. What we are asking for on your e-mail is where you are located now and how soon you can deploy… Please keep in mind as stated above there is massive power outages and will be more to come. Most airports are shutdown at this time as well. Travel to the area will be difficult.

I have a very important trip to Seattle next week, and leaving right now would be very difficult. But my heart is in the NE. When I went through our training, I could feel a stir in my soul. I love to help people in crisis (especially dangerous and physically demanding situations). We have many people in crisis right now. They need our help.

Our church is developing a strategy and budget for helping people in times of disaster. This is a growing passion for me, and the more I recognize the roots of my faith, the more I discover the beauty that exists in the body of Christ responding to crisis.

In the third century, Christians were the primary care providers for those stricken with plague. I’ve read stories about family members throwing their dying into the street in hopes of not catching the disease. Many fled the cities, while Christians stayed by their side. What a horrible site, with death and dying everywhere. What a beautiful site, with hope and compassion everywhere.

I don’t even have my “Foursquare Chaplains” shirt yet. I don’t have the money to travel. I trust in God to send me where he needs me, and to be patient when I cannot leave. My heart is with the broken. God’s heart is with the broken.


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