Foursquare Chaplaincy Training

Sixteen hours of training between yesterday and today is helping me to understand disaster response. The Foursquare Chaplaincy program is providing a two-day training on disaster response. I’m in Anthem, Arizona with my wife, Ryan and Selena Frederick.

When we reviewed the “Personality Profile” for a Foursquare chaplain, it would read something like this:

“Seeking adventurous team-player who demonstrates compassion and understanding of human limits. Must have fortitude in times of chaos and crisis, and be willing to share the love of Christ with people who are experiencing the most horrific challenges life brings.”

Being a little crazy helps. Sign me up.

Nobody wants to see the world burn. But when it does, chaplains grab their “go bags” and deal with psychological and spiritual trauma. The fire on the ground might be out, but the fire in their minds is just beginning to rage. I’ve always had an ability to keep my cool in the midst of chaos, and frankly, I love to help people who are at their worst. Several times in my own life I have had someone minister to me in a moment of helplessness. The calm of a hand on my arm. The right question. A blanket.

Luke 10:35 “The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’”

The church should always, ALWAYS respond to people in crisis. When other people are running away, we should be running in. Preparation is key, and that’s why Desert Foursquare Church is taking steps now to serve. In the story of the Good Samaritan, the first two people to pass the man in the ditch were religious (the priest and the Levite). It would be easy to focus on “churchy” things, but that’s not what the body of Christ does.

I want to share my gratitude with our church family. Thank you for investing in disaster response. My thanks also to Jay Donnelly and Robby Booth for running such an incredible program and training. Thanks to Grace Church in Anthem for being incredible hosts. Thank you Desert Foursquare for making the investment in the four of us.


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