Exodus Experience 2012

This Thursday night, August 30, we are taking over Pioneer Park in Puyallup. We have over 100 volunteers making the Exodus Experience the best music & art festival in P-town this summer.

The music starts at 5:19 with The Jake McVay Band, followed by The Bryan Reynolds Band, then The Lost Weekend and closing with Roman Holiday. We’ll have free food catered by Savory ‘n Sweet, Duris Farm, Elements Froyo and Season’s Catering.

I’m really excited about some of our artists. We have Artists Inspiring Action on site, with Jacob Herring doing some more incredible stretcher art. Exodus’s host mom, Glory Cancro, will be working with her church family (Evergreen Foursquare) to create community participation art.

My thanks in advance to all of our volunteers. Special thanks to Danny Owens of Ephemeral Youth, Ryan Frederick of Crux and Bryan Reynolds of Anthem. So many more to thank. Here’s a list that comes to mind:

Puyallup Chevrolet, South Hill Rotary, Taylor Made Printing, Crown in Town, KGNW, Sound Family Health, I’m in Stitches, and a huge shout-out to Jeff Marsh Studios.

There are so many people working to make this happen. Please know that I am humbled and grateful to be working with you to serve our mission: Healing the sickest kids in the world in the name of Christ.



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