Pediatric work in Jinotega

Whilst my buddy Ryan Frederick is rolling up his sleeves in the OR, I am spending most of my time in the pediatric triage tent. There are three to four nurses and doctors who work with kids of all ages to find out what ails them. We see everything from parasites to plugged ears.

Many family travel from far away. I can’t imagine traveling 10 hours on a bus one-way, not knowing anyone in the city, not having a way to pay for a hotel, all for a shot at seeing a doctor. Once a patient is being seen, they are given the full attention of the medical team.



Our Rotarian friends fed us lunch today. IMAHelps would find it nearly impossible to do their work without the help of these wonderful people. Thank you Rotarians!


2 thoughts on “Pediatric work in Jinotega

  1. They will bring a small team back to Nicaragua, but the big trip will likely be to Peru. They’re also considering a trip to India, and they are planning a trip to China. There’s plenty of need for help!

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