“The Million Dollar Dime” by Dr. R. Scott Rodin – Book Review

Exactly one year ago, I read and reviewed Dr. Rodin’s The Third Conversion. The Million Dollar Dime is the second, in what I hope is a long-running series.

This allegory picks up where our protagonist, Carl, is trying to help several people and organizations who are in great financial need. The story follows Carl as he helps a small women’s shelter (Esther House) put together a campaign to help them buy the home they’ve been renting. An heir to the home decides to sell the house, and she gives Esther House 30 days to come up with $1.2 million.

Carl is also involved in a church that is trying to close a year-end giving gap. Members of the church, particularly the stewardship committee, are infighting and chaffing against the realities of the economy.

Rodin knits these characters together in stunning fashion. Only someone who has navigated the most difficult financial development conversations could have scripted this beautiful novelette. I felt such conviction and empathy for the characters that at times I had to dab my eyes. It is truly a wonderful, powerful story.

Rodin’s books can be ordered from his website at kingdomlifepublishing.com. Sign up for his blog while you are there.

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