Astrid & Jhonnatan

It was incredible to see our team of 12 very unique individuals arrive at SeaTac Airport last night for their arrival. Jhonnatan is a 5 year-old burn victim, and Astrid is a 12 year-old double amputee. She lost her legs due to a congenital defect.

In spite of their issues, these children are strikingly beautiful. Not the world’s view of “pretty”, although Astrid has an attractive face, both children are beautiful because of the hope that shows in their faces. Hope that Jhonnatan can have some of his facial function back. Hope that Astrid can stop walking on the stubs of her femurs. Hope that she can have the dignity of looking people in the eyes, rather than being looked down upon.

Jhonnatan isn’t used to the car rides at high speeds. He threw up on the way to the pediatrician’s office this morning. Poor little guy… he’s so far away from home. The great news is that he has a loving family who will care for him with the compassion they would give to their own daughter.

As I watched Jhonnatan and Astrid come off the plane last night, I was overjoyed at the sense of belonging our host parents felt. There might be a little trepidation over the huge responsibility, but that is far overshadowed with the knowing that God called each of them to serve in this way. Their lives are now forever changed.

I posted pictures on our Rooftop 519 facebook page. This is the beginning of several incredible stories. My sincerest thanks to all who are a part of these kids’ healing.

If you’re near any of our host parents, please offer your support. Encouragement, prayers, cards of encouragement, age-appropriate friends and the occasional invitation to dinner are all great ways for you to be a part of their journey.

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