The Doug Bursch Show

My thanks to Doug for having me on his show tonight. For those people who hear the show and find my blog, welcome! Please subscribe – I’d love to share our stories with you.

We started Rooftop 519 in order to help the church be the church. Our goal was to make hosting kids like Exodus, Jhonnatan and Astrid easy. Our mission is, “Healing the sickest kids in the world in the name of Christ.”

Since we started doing this, I’ve been ruined for normal. It’s ruined a lot of people, my good friend and board chair, Megan Hawkes, has had her life turned upside-down too. We can’t all be missionaries to other countries, but we can all be missionaries within our own communities. Some of us can be missionaries in our own homes.

We are young, but we have a really experienced volunteer staff. The Medical Advisory Committee alone has well over a hundred years of medical and psychological experience. Our Medical Director has helped over 180 patients receive inbound medical care.

My thanks to all who are a part of our team. Over 140 volunteers are currently actively working to make this happen. From people on the ground who identify patients, to our medical professionals, donors, host families, churches, office staff (our primary office is in California, but we are incorporated in Washington), our board of directors and many more… we are blessed to have the incredible talent that are helping Rooftop 519 patients get the healing they need.

Check us out on Facebook, and follow Rooftop 519 and me on Twitter. Through the Roof!



5 thoughts on “The Doug Bursch Show

  1. If you’re interested, the Podcast is available on the KGNW – Doug Bursch Podcast page. It comes just over half-way through the broadcast for Thursday, March 15, 2012. Many thanks to Doug, KGNW, Shawn, and Rooftop519com!

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