From our First Host Mom (You Need To Read This)

I made about a dozen people cry yesterday. Tears of joy. I’m getting “used” to tears. I’ve cried myself more times in the last year than in all other years combined. 230 lbs of a slobbering mess. Most of yesterday’s tears came from an email I received from our first host mom, Glory.

It’s been one week since Exodus, our first Rooftop 519 patient, was reunited with her family in Liberia. Here is the slightly edited version of the email I received from Glory.

Hi Shawn,
This is a long one, sorry.
You asked:
1. How have you been able to minister to Exodus?
During three and a half months I saw her grow. In the beginning I really sensed that she felt very angry. Unhappy that this accident had happened to her. I gave her paint and brushes and her own spot to work on whatever she wanted to paint. In her first self portrait she looked angry, I asked her if that was how she wanted to make herself look, and she said yes. When I asked her why she was angry she didn’t reply.
She spent the last couple years at home feeling ugly, and like an outsider, ridiculed and teased. Kids made fun of her and she would get into fights. After her surgery and making friends with other girls her age here who treated her so well I saw her self confidence soar. Everyone who met her treated her so well and made her feel loved. She has a voice like no other, she told me she sang in church at home. While here she was able to pursue that gift in our church youth band. I told her her voice was her gift and to share it with others, so she got up and sang in front of the whole church, with the other girls of course. As I asked questions about her past she opened up with me and shared some hard stories of her life during war. I encouraged her to write down her stories, I told her what she had been through was incredible, that she was a strong girl. That God was with her every step of the way. 
I think the biggest impression that was made on her is that she is BEAUTIFUL. So many people told her that. I encouraged her not to hide her scars, that they were a part of her and they showed her strength. She came wanting to have all her scars removed and to look perfect, but she left feeling a confidence about herself regardless of how she looked.

2. How did she minister to you? 
 She was a gift to us. She give so much without even knowing. She gave my kids an understanding of how healthy they are. 
She gave everyone she met a wake up call.
She would pray and sing songs with my boys as we put them to bed.
We grew closer as a family because of her.
She gave my husband and I a daughter to care for that we never had. 
She sent me running to my Savior falling to my knees. Needing Him like never before. ( He told me, “maybe this girl is here in your life to bring you back into my arms, have you thought of that? There is a love song in the air and you couldnt hear it”)
That’s about it, there is so much more I could say but thank you for all that you are doing!
God BLESS you and your family

Glory and Exodus at the Beach

This is why we exist. I have nothing left to say. – Shawn

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