Ruined For Normal

There was a time at which I would have equated my position and reputation to my faith. Now I relax in the beautiful existence of knowing that my physical poverty has brought me a deeper relationship with Jesus. When your power, influence and esteem are equal to your faith, they are at war. Just ask the rich young ruler who couldn’t give it all up to follow Jesus. You cannot cling to your cake and feed it to the poor too.

I’m not saying that you can’t have wealth. I’m saying that you have to know the depth of how little our wealth means in God’s eyes. Sympathy will never bring you to that knowledge. Only empathy makes it real. God allows us opportunities to jump into that knowledge, but we often grasp too tightly to our security blankets to grab Jesus with both hands.

I’d planned on blogging today about my experience at the Justice Conference. It wrecked me. I’ll write a blog about that experience in the near future.

By the way, I hope this lesson is near its end. Being poor is tiring. I can understand why Jesus was poor for about three years before he died. I don’t say that to elicit pity. I have received a lesson that money can’t buy. I’m just saying I’m ready to graduate from this school. Plus, I can feel the Lord tugging me, “Come on… we’ve got work to do.”

Exodus heads home to Liberia in one day. Jhonnatan and Astrid fly into Seattle in a few weeks. This quote is helping me to understand why Rooftop 519 exists:

“… a younger generation is not accepting the false dichotomy of saving souls or saving bodies. Neither did Hebrew prophets, or John the Baptist, or Jesus the Messiah, or the church that shared all things in the Book of Acts, or the leader of the Jerusalem church James the Just, or the Apostle Paul who brought this Gospel to us Gentiles!”- Brian LePort

Clinging to Jesus,


2 thoughts on “Ruined For Normal

  1. Thank you for making that conference happen for us all. I am so glad you talked me into it. I’m behind you 100% Shawn. Keep up the great work. You are an incredible example and encouragement to me.

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