2011 In Review

I will never have another year like 2011. Never. Here’s a timeline of the last 16 months:

  • Sept 2010 – Moved to La Quinta

    Dinner at our home with some of our church family

  • Sept – Andy and Hailey homeschool… Cheryl threatens children with grievous bodily harm if they don’t obey their new teacher
  • Oct – Planted a satellite campus of Puyallup Foursquare Church in Palm Desert
  • Oct – Incorporated Rooftop 519
  • Oct – Celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss!
  • Nov – First Thanksgiving away from family – ever
  • Dec – First Christmas away from family – ever
  • Jan – Shawn’s dad, Rex D. Manley, receives his final healing from a year-long struggle with a brain injury
  • Jan – One of Cheryl’s closest friends, Angie Dean Thoms, goes to be with Jesus
  • Feb 2011 – Consider transitioning out of satellite campus relationship with Puyallup Foursquare
  • March – Partner with students at College of the Desert to restart a Campus Crusade club (later named “Cru”)
  • June – Last services of satellite campus: arrange for equipment to travel back to Puyallup
  • June – Core team chooses to plant Desert Foursquare Church under Southwest Foursquare District
  • July – Shawn performs first wedding ceremony… Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Cook!
  • July – First Bible study on Sunday morning – four people attend first service
  • July – We sell our beloved vacation property on Alder Lake
  • Aug – Andy and Hailey start attending Desert Christian Academy
  • Sept – Cheryl had a surprise 40th birthday party
  • Sept – College of the Desert Cru begins meeting – an average of 12 students meet, forming the core of leaders that will transform this campus of 10,000 students
  • Sept – Final step for Shawn’s pastoral license is completed. Three member panel of pastors extends three-hour interview to four hours… they really grilled me!
  • Oct – Cheryl starts work at Costco in La Quinta
  • Oct – Shawn begins consulting part time with Desert Christian Academy
  • Oct – Shawn works with key volunteers to start a thrift store in Palm Desert. A temporary location is donated to store items, and our first estate was gifted to Rooftop 519
  • Oct – Celebrate 16 years of wedded bliss. It seems like much more than a year has passed since our 15 year anniversary
  • Oct – Indian Wells Foursquare, DBA Desert Foursquare Church, is registered by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
  • Nov – Kimberly Dirmann, our Southwest District Superintendent, speaks at Desert Foursquare Church. Almost 40 people pack our home church
  • Nov – The Manley house is used for a Cru Thanksgiving dinner hosted for international students. Seven countries are represented among the 30 students & adults who attend
  • Nov – First Rooftop 519 patient, Exodus Vah, arrives in Seattle for skin grafts to repair her horrific burns

    Exodus with her host mom

  • Nov – Cheryl develops a hernia at work
  • Dec – New board chair is elected for Rooftop 519, Megan Hawkes from Campus Crusade for Christ is a phenomenal leader and passionate advocate for the cause of Christ

    Some of our church members at the "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party"

  • Dec – First church service at the new Palm Desert High School
  • Dec – Surprised Cheryl’s family on Christmas day by driving a record 17 hours straight through the night to join them for our traditional Christmas dinner

There is so much more… tears of joy and pain. The Desert Foursquare family experienced two deaths and one birth. I love our church. God continues to use Rooftop in amazing ways to bring people together for his purpose. Cru represents an incredible opportunity to lead people to Jesus. It has been tough, but it is so worth the struggle. I feel a deeper sense of God’s presence, and His Word has become my magnetic north.

Please pray for me. I really, really want you to pray with me. People’s lives are literally on the line, both spiritually and physically. Pray for Rooftop519, Desert Foursquare and Cru. Pray for my children, Andy & Hailey, that they would continue to mature in their faith. Pray for Cheryl, that her hernia would be healed. Pray for our provision of every resource we need to do what God has called us to do. Pray that we would be able to connect relationships that would advance the cause of Christ. Give praise with us for the great things God has done. We thank our friends and family for all of your support. We’re on this journey together. Love Heals.

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