Kudos to the Southwest Foursquare District

I’ve been exceptionally busy as of late; traveling since June 21 & longing for a respite. One of my journeys took me to the Southwest Foursquare District office in Anaheim, CA. The land of Disneyland, I saw no mouse ears on my visit.

For a moderately-intense two days, I spent time with 11 other pastors and our district leadership team (who are also licensed or ordained ministers), getting to know the ins and outs of the Foursquare Church. I was impressed from the first minute to the last.

We were a uniquely diverse group. Four married couples, two married guys without their brides, and one single male pastor in his 70’s, I realized within minutes that this was a group of unique backgrounds. I believe I was the only U.S.-born person in the group (other than several of the district leadership team who joined us intermittently). There were pastors from Brazil, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, Romania and more. Each with an amazing story and great passion for the church.

It is hard to describe how excited I am to work with this team, supported by their work and empowered through their vision. Kimberly’s top two values are unity and honor, and I watched how diligently she lives by what she says.

We are going through the process of planting a church, and I am in the process of being licensed as a senior pastor. This is an intense period of study for me. For the glory of God, for the cause of Christ, and for the purpose he has in my life, I will dedicate myself to this call. Many thanks to all who have supported Desert Foursquare Church. We launch this fall. We are meeting in my home until that time, Sundays at 10 a.m. All are welcome.

One final thought; I watched “Bonhoeffer” recently. I’d give it a solid two-thumbs up. Dietrich’s commitment to the church is utterly amazing.

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